January 14, 2016

Tree Tracker

 The San Diego County Tree Map has been “refreshed” in December 2015.

Since the original San Diego Tree Map was released in early 2012, technology and San Diego County’s trees have evolved! You’ll notice two big changes on the Map: (1) a new look and (2) a lot less data.

The new look reflects many exciting changes in the underlying technology, making the Map tablet-ready, easier to use, faster and more flexible. We’ve also linked the San Diego Tree Map to the larger OpenTreeMap community, so we’ll see new features regularly and better bug fixes.

For now, we’ve removed the data from cities until we have the latest information. Many new inventories are being conducted, particularly with more accurate tree locations.

You may be asking – I added trees to the old Map. What happened to them?

Don’t worry! We greatly appreciate the work that you’ve done, and we’ve preserved all the data entered by users like you (nearly 2,000 trees). We’ll be returning that information to the new version of the Map as soon as possible.

San Diego Tree Tracker