January 14, 2016

Our Story

Tree San Diego’s mission is to significantly impact the quantity of quality urban forest in San Diego County. Quantity means increasing the percentage of urban forest. Quality means the right trees, in the right places, properly maintained.

Tree San Diego is a recently incorporated organization that has applied for non-profit, 501(c)(3) status. We are in the process of building our volunteer workforce and creating the internal capacity to be a major proactive force in enhancing the regions urban forest through various programs. It works collaboratively with many other organizations that contribute to environmental and human sustainability. We recognize that quality urban trees are one part a system that includes natural factors (other flora, fauna, soil, air, climate etc.) and human factors (human health, hardscape, transportation, buildings, etc.).

Tree San Diego works to benefit all of the countys 18 cities, unincorporated areas, military bases and Native American reservations. Get involved and help make San Diego County a healthier place to live, work and play.


  • Creation of a sound operational organization, including a physical office and an administrative structure.
  • Development of a variety of partnerships with municipalities and other non-profit organizations.
  • Awarded a $750,000 CALFIRE grant in July 2015. This significant project will not only plant and maintain 1,200 trees in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Chula Vista and San Diego but also remove a significant amount of greenhouse gas/carbon from the air. Because survival rates are a key component in enhancing tree canopy, this project is dedicating special attention to factors that improve survival rates for newly planted trees.
  • Recipient of the City of Chula Vista’s 2015 Arbor Day Proclamation, delivered by the Mayor Mary Casillas Salas during a City Council meeting.
  • Board members Laurie Broedling and Mike Palat were each presented an Every Day Heroes award by the California Urban Forest Council during a Sacramento ceremony in October 2015.