January 14, 2016

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How do we go about meeting our mission to improve the quantity of tree canopy? We’re engaged in the following acitivities:

  • Planting new trees. We do not simply plant more trees! We plant the right trees in the right places. This sometime involves a complex decision. Available locations each have constraints such as the amount of available space, the climate region, the soil quality, the availability of irrigation, the slope, etc. Human needs also shape this decision, such as shade to reduce heat islands and energy costs in buildings, cleaner air with less greenhouse gas, reduced Stormwater runoff to improve the water quality of our rivers, San Diego Bay, and ocean.
  • Maintaining trees. Unfortunately, urban trees on average have a low survival rate. They are exposed to more hazards that their rural siblings—air and water pollution, erosion caused by runoff from surrounding hardscape, vandalism, etc. However, perhaps the biggest reason is that many of them never reach maturity. Newly planted trees need about three years of extra attention in order for them to fully establish themselves and live out their full life span – somewhat like children except children take longer and more TLC! The primary types of care needed during this period are watering and pruning. After this period most trees can survive on their own, except in periods of drought during which they continue to need some limited additional water. Of course, this depends on planting tree species that have relatively low water requirements (unless they are in a riparian environment with a constant source of water). See this link for watering requirements for trees in our region. (Place a link to a page with watering information.)
  • Educating people about how to plant and care for trees. In conjunction with our tree planting and maintenance projects we provide education to the general public on the benefits of trees and the “How To’s” of trees–how to select the right trees and successfully plant and maintain them While we provide information and education to a cross-section of the general public, we are particularly interested in opportunities to engage and inform children. The future of our region’s trees rests with them.
  • Engaging people in tree stewardship. In studying successful urban forestry non-profit organizations around the state and country, it is clear that the only way to make a big impact is to leverage our efforts by developing people who are will to be tree stewards. Being a tree steward can range from simply being part of a volunteer crew to keep newly planted trees watered to being a volunteer who undergoes enough training to be able to capably plant and maintain trees.
  • Giving job training to people learning the profession of planting and caring for trees
  • Tree inventories and maps – We develop and employ contemporary approaches to documenting trees in specific locations. This includes both documenting tree “demographics” such as exact location, species, and age as well as the benefits of each tree, such as how much greenhouse gas they remove from the air and how much Stormwater runoff they reduce. San Diego Tree Tracker
  • Advocating for resources to improve tree canopy and related green infrastructure.




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